Deferments and Thresholds

Our vocabulary lesson today comes out of Singapore, where the government has been applying economic policy measures to mitigate the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on their economy. Our text is selection taken from an editorial column published by the Straits Times. The title is: Covid-19’s impact to still weigh on Singapore’s economy in 2021 […]

Be Wary of the Cliff-Edge

In today’s lesson, we will look at some vocabulary related to grants. To do this, we’ll look at a segment of an article published by The Guardian newspaper which describes how the government in the United Kingdom is planning to give businesses in specific sectors money to help them survive the economic downturn caused by […]

Risk Capital and Credit Drought

Today’s English lesson is related to the current shortage of risk capital in India. Read the paragraph below and pay attention to the bolded words. We will explain those later on. The paragraph is taken from this article: Foreign Capital Helps Ease India’s Credit Drought. “With the economy battered by coronavirus, risk capital has dried […]

Two Academics Honored for Their Work with Auction Theory

Today’s English lesson is related to the 2020 Nobel Prize awarded in Economics. We will work with an extract of a magazine article where I’ve highlighted some useful English vocabulary that you might not know. The title of the article is: U.S. Auction Theorists Win the 2020 Nobel in Economics The article is about how […]